Native ART • CULTURE evening, November 1st


Kwé, Kuei, Hi!!!


Thursday November 1st starting at 10h00 pm

Café-bar l’Escalier; 552, Saint-Catherine East Street


This Thursday, November 1st, we present you The passages of death!


November 1 and 2, in Mexico, is the feast of the dead. Death, as understood by Mexican indigenous cultures, is a stage in the life cycle. Death is linked to life and these dates are to celebrate with our loved ones who have left the world of the living. An evening to pay tribute to the missing Aboriginal women, to invoke love and hope to honour their memory. La Léa invites two Mexican artists to approach the festival of the dead through their experiences, their art, and their culture.


Paola Huitrón

Mexican actress and puppeteer, she is currently at her master's degree at UQAM. Paola has worked in several theatre and puppet companies, both in Mexico and Quebec, with, among others, the Ondinnok Native Theatre Company, and the Théâtre Motus for several co-productions such as the show LUNA, dans les yeux de mon père, talking about censorship in Mexico and immigration. She has also conducted puppet workshops in several indigenous Mexican communities. Paola will talk to us about the rites and traditions of the Day of the Dead as she knows them in her surroundings in Mexico.


Mamselle Ruiz

It is the real birth name of this Quebec artist of Mexican origin with a dazzling voice! Author-composer-performer, Revelation Radio-Canada 2013-2014 in world music, she offers with her ardour and luminous grace, a unique Latin sound imbued with jazz and inspired by her youthful influences: Latin American rhythms and traditional Mexican folklore, which she combines with the cultural influences of her host country, Quebec, of which she has often been a great ambassador throughout the world.


La Léa

Léa Touzé is a singer-songwriter for the musical project La Léa and she also works as a cultural worker. She is the instigator of the Projet Boussole : an intergenerational exchange between two Quebec-Mexico Aboriginal communities through theatre, philosophy and audiovisual media. She is part of the new  SINGA team, to create spaces for cultural encounters between refugees and the host society. Léa collaborates in several social art projects and is involved in several community organizations working to combat gender-based violence.



We will also have the pleasure of listening to the music of D.J. Señor Kiko who will make us dance as was the case in past evenings. Resident DJ for the Native ART • CULTURE evenings, Señor Kiko is a Montreal based DJ from Mexico City. DJ Señor Kiko presents the new electronic Latin sound with rhythms like Tribal, Tropical Bass and Nu Cumbia, taking Influence from labels records in South America such as ZZK records, Regional Label and Terror Negro.


For the entertainment of the evening we will have the pleasure to receive Anna-Khesic Khway Harper! Anna-Khesic Khway Harper, also known as Kiki or Iamskywoman, is a contemporary multidisciplinary Aboriginal artist. As a visual artist, entertainer and singer, she integrates in her performance an Aboriginal culture adapted to the urban society of Montreal. It unites several themes together: Technology and Art, Collectivity and Identity, Wilderness and Urban life, Spirituality and Reality, Tradition and Celebration.  Anna-Khesic Khway Harper invites you to come to the l'Escalier for a festive cultural evening!


The production team:

Technician: Philippe Joutras

Photography: Terry-Randy Awashish

Coordination: Gustavo Zamora Jiménez


The Native ART•CULTURE evenings:

Sharing moments with the aboriginal community of Montreal on every first Thursday of each month!


Open to all!                      Free admission!


Organised by: The First Nations Circle of UQAM, (Le Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM)