Native ART • CULTURE evening 375th, November 2nd

Kwé, Kuei, Hi!!!


Thursday November 2nd starting at 10h00 pm

Café-bar l’Escalier; 552, Saint-Catherine East Street

This Thursday, November 2nd, we continue our series of Native ART • CULTURE evenings 375th : Montreal Aboriginal artists welcome non-native artists!

From May to December 2017, the Native ART • CULTURE evenings are featured in the official program of the 375th anniversary of Montreal.

For this occasion we present you The Day of the Dead!

Death is very important in the Huron-Wendat and Mexican cultures, which will be presented by:

Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui

He is from Wendake. Historian, anthropologist, writer, poet and curator of visual arts, he refuses categorizations and defines himself above all as a creator. He has been working for about ten years in the field of the diffussion of Aboriginal culture and arts. Through his writings, Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui wishes to share the wisdom and values of his ancestors. He presents new and contemporary stories that are deeply rooted in the myths and symbols of his people. As part of the Aboriginal Day of the Dead, Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui will present the poetic sequel To the moon, from his next book, where he addresses the issue of mourning and continuity of dialogue with his late grandmother, associate to the Star of the night in the Wendat tradition.

Tropico bravo

We are band of young Latinos with clear ideas and thoughts motivated by the reality that we live .... we manifest the discontent of those who have less, of those who leave behind, of those who do not take into account, of which are mistreated or those who simply do not respect their rights as human beings. But we don't forget the jovial spirit of our Latin culture. The heat and the positive vibration are also part of us and that we also express it in a mixture of styles that only Tropico bravo knows how to do. We think that the Native side reflects the culture of a people and that shows us what we must never forget or leave aside ... our roots, our customs, where we come from and where we should go.

Moreover, these artists will be enlightened by the art of Yecto . Based in Montreal, he likes to create audiovisual experiences between sound and image by writing or modifying algorithms in the context of live coding. He created his own laboratory of visual arts and design called "veería". It is part of the movement "Algorave", encoding live throughout the world under the alias "Yecto".

We will also have the pleasure of listening to the music of D.J. Señor Kiko who will make us dance as was the case in past evenings. Resident DJ for the Native ART • CULTURE evenings, Señor Kiko is a Montreal based DJ from Mexico City. DJ Señor Kiko presents the new electronic Latin sound with rhythms like Tribal, Tropical Bass and Nu Cumbia, taking Influence from labels records in South America such as ZZK records, Regional Label and Terror Negro.

For the entertainment of the evening we will have the pleasure to receive Anna-Khesic Khway Harper! Anna-Khesic Khway Harper, also known as Kiki or Iamskywoman, is a contemporary multidisciplinary Aboriginal artist. As a visual artist, entertainer and singer, she integrates in her performance an Aboriginal culture adapted to the urban society of Montreal. It unites several themes together: Technology and Art, Collectivity and Identity, Wilderness and Urban life, Spirituality and Reality, Tradition and Celebration. Anna-Khesic Khway Harper invites you to come to the l'Escalier for a festive cultural evening!


The production team:

Technician: Philippe Joutras

Video recording: Maïna Albert

Photography: Terry-Randy Awashish

Security: Jean-Philip Belec

Coordination: Gustavo Zamora Jiménez

The Native ART•CULTURE 375th evenings:

Sharing moments with the aboriginal community of Montreal on every first Thursday of each month!

Open to all! Free admission!

Official event of Montreal’s 375th anniversary

Organised by: The First Nations Circle of UQAM, (Le Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM)

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