Native ART • CULTURE evening, September 5th 2019


Kwé, Kuei, Hi!!!

Thursday September 5th starting at 10h00 pm

Café-bar l’Escalier; 552, Saint-Catherine East Street

This Thursday, September 5th, we present you Leo Rondeau!

Leo Rondeau tells stories and like all great storytellers, he examines life in all its tug-of-war, its sorrows, its victories and its joys.

A child of the rural lineage of the American West and descendant of the Indian Chippewa tribe, Leo Rondeau's story has its roots in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, where he grew up.

Nashville-based artist Leo Rondeau has toured the United States, Australia and Europe, and has carefully tested most of his latest album, Right on Time, on the road. The result is a confident and timeless tribute to devotion, loss and atonement, through the distinct voice of a modern troubadour who is not afraid to explore the dark realities of life while illuminating the subtle hope that is in him.

"I tend to follow Harlan Howards' advice and write about love. That's not all I write, but I start there."

We will also have the pleasure of listening to the music of D.J. Señor Kiko who will make us dance as was the case in past evenings. Resident DJ for the Native ART • CULTURE evenings, Señor Kiko is a Montreal based DJ from Mexico City. DJ Señor Kiko presents the new electronic Latin sound with rhythms like Tribal, Tropical Bass and Nu Cumbia, taking Influence from labels records in South America such as ZZK records, Regional Label and Terror Negro.

For the entertainment of the evening we will have the pleasure to receive Anna-Khesic Khway Harper! Also known as Anachnid, she is a contemporary multidisciplinary Aboriginal artist. As a visual artist, entertainer and singer, she integrates in her performance an Aboriginal culture adapted to the urban society of Montreal. It unites several themes together: Technology and Art, Collectivity and Identity, Wilderness and Urban life, Spirituality and Reality, Tradition and Celebration.  Anachnid you to come to the l'Escalier for a festive cultural evening!

The production team:

Technician: Philippe Joutras

Coordination: Gustavo Zamora Jiménez

The Native ART•CULTURE evenings:

Sharing moments with the aboriginal community of Montreal on every first Thursday of each month!

Open to all!                      Free admission!


Organised by: The First Nations Circle of UQAM, (Le Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM)